Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Still Nothing

I swear, TODAY, was going to be a day to stamp... but my sister-in-law called and invited me to hang out at a lake and have lunch with her. It was a beautiful day and I couldn't refuse! So, Ana and I had a great talk as always... she and my brother are expecting their first child in October and I am so excited!! Our brood is growing...that will make 5 grandkids for my parents! and even better... none are mine!! I get to hand them all back!

Yesterday I babysat for my sister's kids- 3 boys and a baby girl. I felt all out of whack as I slept over the night before and got up at 7am with them. Me...7am... yeah that's what I said too! Anywho, my sister has some kind of grudge against caffeinated soda so I was flying solo through my morning of babysitting. It went fine though... I love those little people so much! Except when Grace threw up on me and Owen told me I was too bossy!

I love the color combo for this week's color challenge so I am going to try to get to it tonight. I get home at midnight and alot of times I don't feel like stamping b/c my room is usually 5,000 Degrees. 9/1... central A/C!! I actually don't like A/C but the option will be nice.

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Jen Vogelsong said...

Enjoy the beautiful weather when you have it. Plenty of rainy days to stamp your heart out my dear. :) Don't forget to send me your new address when you move Laura!

I'm totally with you on the whole handing back nieces and nephews when it gets to be too much. That's the best part!