Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Today I went to an Amuse class at Ink About It. It was taught by Jenn Sherkus from Amuse. It was very fun. I worked with some new inks, specifically the Colorbox chalk inks... LOVE them!! I didn't buy anything today though! Huzzah!

So, I'm loving all the comments below...there have been some great suggestions that have me drooling to get on the road!! When I was younger, I had a short list of places I needed to see, that if I didn't get there in my lifetime I may not be able to deal with myself.. those places were California, England, Ireland and Australia. I feel incredibly fortunate that I have done my short list and am now working on my long list!

I will choose a random winner on Saturday!!


Wife2TJ said...

I'm jealous, I bet that was so much fun!!!

Rose said...

Those are beautiful cards, it sounds like a lot of fun!