Monday, October 29, 2007

Blah Blah Blah

I just wrote a whole post about how I am sore today after yoga yesterday, I'm in a foul mood and I just had to shell out $500 b/c Shortcake thought it needed a new some kind of pipe... only 129,000 miles, kind of selfish don't you think?

Anyway, my post was so annoying that it annoyed me. That is the worst when you start annoying yourself... you know it's bad! So I decided to be more positive!

So I saw this today and it made me smile...Memories I can relate to pretty much all of them except I never had a Holly Hobby sleeping bag. Strawberry Shortcake was my girl... hence me naming my car after her. What.. doesn't everyone name their car?

Jen asked on my last post if I could change the picture so you could click and enlarge. The short answer is no:) I am able to click and enlarge the others but not that one and I have NO idea how to change it... if anyone has a clue please let me know!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sunday Night Already?

I got a little stamping done tonight. I made this card using Jen's sketch challenge... I like the layout! I made this one pretty simple... I wanted to put ribbon behind the square panels and some other embellishaments but I am making the card for Kyle. He's 8 and if he got anything girly, his head may explode! He told me today that I could sign his cast but I couldn't write my name on it because "the kids at school might not believe me that you're just an aunt." They might think I am an actual girl!!

Unfortunately it is already Sunday night! I went to the Irish Cultural Centre of New England last night. Every Saturday night they have traditional live Irish music. We were a little early getting there and apparently there was a rugby game earlier in the day and the players were in the bar... rugby players with Irish accents!! I asked my friend Christine if she wanted to go again on a Saturday and she said yes, especially after a rugby game!!

Look at the cute RAK card I got from Molly!! I LOVE penguins!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Today one of my co-workers was talking about my love for stamping and another said "I have so many stamps (all SU!!) that I don't use, I don't like to stamp so I'll give them to you." I'll gladly take the stuff but don't like to stamp... I don't understand??:)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Take Your Time

I'm at work right now waiting for a doc to call me back... he is taking his sweet time but at least it lets me update my blog! Too bad I didn't have any stamps here at work with me:)

I actually did stamp last week but my camera batteries were dead so I haven't been able to take a picture. I also got a fun RAK card in the mail as well as blog candy from Tammy that I need to post here!! I got some really fun inks and ribbons from Tammy that I can't wait to start playing with!! Sorry about the Indians Tammy!:)

I bought a raffle ticket yesterday to win a pair of tickets to the game on Thursday night... keeping my fingers crossed!! Go Red Sox!! Everyone here is totally fired up about the Red Sox and the Patriots... I don't pay much attention to sports but it's fun to see the hometown teams doing well!!

I went down to DC last weekend for a whirlwind 24 hour trip... way too short but it was great to see the girls! We went here which was fun and very classy! I had to get home for a family dinner... my parents house is getting too small to fit the adults and grandkids. Kyle said "No I don't want any cake, I just want to sit here and talk to Laura for a few minutes." How cute is he! Charlie is getting so big! Grace is all smiles! Brendan is his mischevious self! Owen is getting to be quite the athlete! They are all so cute and I love them so much!

I'm up to 9 kids right now in the schools... it is a little overwhelming but they are so cute one on one!

Alright I hope to stamp this weekend! I have been keeping up with blog reading and there are so many great Halloween cards out there! There are also a ton of great new sketch challenges out there!! Last week I did discover The Paper Tree. If you live in the Manchester, NH area or even if you don't check it out!!! The owner, Michelle, is super friendly and nice adn she has THE best selection of papers... seriously! I got a few pieces of paper there and OMG they are SO cute! I'll post a picture when I get my camera sorted.

Alright, the doc called me back so it's back to work!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Please Pray...

The 4 y/o nephew of my friend Brian was recently involved in a very severe accident. He is in ICU and stable but has alot of serious injuries and health complications. I talked to Brian today and he said "I don't know if he'll ever be the same."

Please say a prayer for Brian's nephew... and give your little ones an extra hug today!


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Miss Independant

Over the weekend I became an LICSW...licensed independant clinicical social worker!! I'm all fired up... this opens up some new career opportunities and should put a few more cents in my paycheck! The test kicked my butt a little bit... but I passed... huzzah!!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Happy Holiday

What holiday you say? World Cardmaking Day of course!!

I went to Spark Craft today and made this cute card!

Friday, October 5, 2007

How Does That Make You Feel?

I've been slacking with stamping and blogging lately:(

I started my new job... I am working 3 days a week at two middle schools providing therapy for the middle schoolers. This is scary to me since I can not advise myself out of a paper bag. Somehow though I have to try to help these kids help themselves. They're pretty cute... awkward, gangly, self conscious, thinking they know it all but really desperate for approval and attention. I have to be careful though not to project my issues... if you asked me if I would rather go back to middle school/high school or submit to acts of torture, I would say what's the difference?

I put on a big front that I don't like children and don't want to be saddled with the responsibility but really I'm scared... that I won't be able to do it right, that I won't be able to protect them. So right now I am trying to help a bunch of kids break their little punk shells that they have built to protect themselves.