Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Practice Random Acts of Kindness...

When I got home from vacation, look what was waiting in the mail for me!!

This adorable Fluffles card from Becky (belledancr on SCS). I love the paper/color combination and the layout!!

Also, this beautiful welcome care from Kitty (Oregon Stamper on SCS). I love the colors and the layout here too!!

It was such a treat to get home and have these waiting for me... it helped to cheer me up! Stamping and the kindness of strangers has truly helped me to get through this rough patch in life!! I can't wait until life settles down and I can reciprocate to these two great stampers and become more involved in the forum!!

For now though I have to face th massive project of packing up my apartment!!

1 comment:

Erika H. said...

Wow, how nice to go to the mailbox and find something other than bills or junk! Good luck with the move.