Friday, August 3, 2007


My Micro class is finished!!!! I had my final today and I am SO happy!!

Now I can stamp, stamp, stamp! and pack, move, etc! with no studying hanging over my head!

I am trying to keep myself busy, busy, busy so tomorrow I get my haircut and foiled (haven't had a foil in almost a year, so excited), go see my friend Rita and then go here for some good craic! I don't have anyone to go with me tomorrow night so being a fun, fearless female I'm going to go by myself:) After that I'm headed down the Cape until Monday. Two less nights of sleeping in my oven-like bedroom.

So no stamping until Monday night... Have a great weekend!!

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Nancy Grant said...

YEA for YOU!!! I hope you did well in Micro! I've never looked at the world the same since Micro and I wash my hands a whole lot more now too.


Have fun with your hair appt. Lucky you!