Friday, December 7, 2007

It's Here...

Friday! I live for Fridays... who doesn't? Well people who work on the weekends:( Anyway, the good day is here!

Not too much planned this weekend.. holiday party at a friend's tomorrow night, was asked to help my parents decorate on Sunday, may go to my sister's holiday party on Sunday...

and I hope, hope, hope for crafty time!! I have paperwork to do also. I have 5 new kids at the schools to see and overtime at the hospital coming up... I'm tired already! My Christmas shopping is so easy this year... my immediate family decided to draw names from a hat and just buy for one person... so easy!! Also, have to buy for the kiddos... I want to get my nephews tickets to an event that we can go to together... not sure what though. The only thing I can find right now coming to the area is Disney Princess on Ice... I would love it but they would never go for that!!

Some sad news this week... a girl that I was friends with in college, Maggie, is in the hospital in serious condition after suffering a heart attack followed by a seizure. I haven't heard any news lately but it didn't look too promising. She has little twins... it's unbelievable when I think of it... someone my age having a heart attack.... say a prayer for her and her family if you could.

Have a Happy Weekend and cherish your loved ones... this time of year is all about celebrating family, friends and love in all its forms... take advantage of that.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Two Things

This time of year we are harassed to receive flu shots... I know they could prevent the flu and I know I work in a hospital AND a school and I know it is better for all as you don't spread the love... BUT I don't want one and I'm not getting one! As with most of my beliefs, I have no reasons... I just don't want one... so stop asking! I do feel quite tired today though and have a scratchy throat. It could be my stubborn, pig headedness come to bite me!

I was reading another blog lately... the writer recently ended a relationship and she said that if she called her ex she wouldn't have anything to say. I've been thinking about Danny alot lately... not that I ever stopped, but still... and I could call him up today and still have a million things to say to him. We never lacked for conversation... . Even though it has been almost 5 months, I sometimes forget we have broken up and wish I could call him. But I'm afraid everything is still the same... I still hope for the day when he picks up the phone and says "I've thought about things and I see where you were coming from..." I still hope for that day but I try not to live for it. I'm hoping I'll hope less as time goes on.

Monday, December 3, 2007

A Bit of Math

Disheartened by my recent upswing in Diet Coke intake, I recently did some math to figure out what my drive thru trips equal in caffeine. I drink the equivalent of 3-4 cups of coffee per day... I didn't think that was so bad considering I don't drink coffee and Diet Coke is my only source of caffeine.

OK, wake up... I'm still talking. My roommates had a Christmas party on Saturday night.... my friends all left by 11:30 due to pregnancy and/or dogs. I went to bed at midnight. My roommates are 25... they're both the nicest but obviously have more stamina to party than I. I woke up at 3:30AM to a loud renditions of Madonna "Like a Virgin" and... that prayer song that just escaped me... see senior moment! Anyway, I woke up to a beer can in the bathroom and my roomie dry heaving. At least I didn't wake up earlier... I was told there was a male passed out on the toilet in a indelicate state. To be 25 again... I miss those days of foolish hijinks.

Last night my sister and brother-in-law went to Foxwoods and my mom and I babysat for the 4 little angels. It was fun but I am loving the thought of getting home tonight to a quiet house! Unless I find someone passed out under the sink!