Saturday, July 7, 2007

Lord of the Stamp

Hee Hee... uhhh, I'm such a dork but I'm giggling anyway. No stamping today... it's too late but I saw Riverdance tonight!!

It was incredible!!! It was really great! I love the music of the fiddles and the bodhrans (did I spell that right?). The music and the dancing make me so happy! It makes me want to get out my passport and get on the road!

In addition to homework I hope to get some stamping done tomorrow. I think I have decided to move. I live with my boyfriend's Danny's sister right now which has overall been fine but I'm feeling the need to move on. I think moving is the best thing for me but I feel really bad and I'm dreading telling her. I also HATE confrontation... can I just slip a note under her door? or send an e-mail? No I won't wimp out... will let you know how it went tomorrow!

1 comment:

Shannan said...

How fun that you got to see that! My DH danced with Michael Flatley in college and I wish I could have seen it. LOL
And no, you can't slip a not under her door. ;)
Good luck!