Monday, July 9, 2007

Blogger won't let me post a title. I couldn't think of one anyway so I'm off the hook! I don't have any creations to post today. I'm at work right now and it will be too late to stamp when I get home:( It is a quiet night at work which means that I should be able to get some studying in... if I can tear myself away from the internet!

I've decided that I need to reign in my spending. I had made a vow that 2007 would be the year of no shopping which went well for a while. However, I've decided that I NEED all this new stamping equipment. Well, I definitely want stuff and I do need some stuff but I am going to hold off for a while and use up what I have. There was a discussion on SCS last night that inspired me to use what I have and not buy more for a while.

In other news, the girl I am supposed to be moving in with... she is a friend of one of my best friend's and she is looking for a roomate... I called her home and cell phone and I haven't heard back from her. So I am in total panic attack mode and trying to stop myself from becoming the guy in Swingers.

Hopefully I'll have something to share tomorrow!


SuperGeekKnowItAll said...

I think blogger is having technical issues. I had the same problem!!

SuperGeekKnowItAll said...

Also... What's on your wish list of stamping equipment.

Godchick said...

Darn messes with my paragraph alignment often! Tag, you're it!