Thursday, July 23, 2009

Back in Business!

I got my computer back from HP and it is working well!! I did some stamping last night that I hope to post soon! I had big plans to get some more stamping done tonight as well as blog posts.. until I got a reminder from my boss that we are scheduled to go on a tour of a local nursing home tonight then out to dinner. I am interested to see the facility as it is one we refer to a bit, and you should never refuse a free meal... but I hate marketing ploys! And giving up my free time!! Anyway, I will post soon enough!!

I took my oldest nephew to see Harry Potter the other night. We had fun... at dinner he was telling me that as he is now almost 10, he has alot more opportunities in life. He also gave me his thoughts on the economy... he's so cute and smart, I can't even stand it!! Anyway, the movie was good! I fell asleep during the 5th Harry Potter so I was pleasantly suprised by this one. Although, it seems the movie definitely focused more on teen relationships rather than action.

Should probably get to work... :)

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