Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sunday Night Already?

I got a little stamping done tonight. I made this card using Jen's sketch challenge... I like the layout! I made this one pretty simple... I wanted to put ribbon behind the square panels and some other embellishaments but I am making the card for Kyle. He's 8 and if he got anything girly, his head may explode! He told me today that I could sign his cast but I couldn't write my name on it because "the kids at school might not believe me that you're just an aunt." They might think I am an actual girl!!

Unfortunately it is already Sunday night! I went to the Irish Cultural Centre of New England last night. Every Saturday night they have traditional live Irish music. We were a little early getting there and apparently there was a rugby game earlier in the day and the players were in the bar... rugby players with Irish accents!! I asked my friend Christine if she wanted to go again on a Saturday and she said yes, especially after a rugby game!!

Look at the cute RAK card I got from Molly!! I LOVE penguins!!


Shannan said...

Great job! And booo for already Sunday night...why can't we have Monday off???

Jen del Muro said...

cute card!! thx for playing!

Jen Vogelsong said...

Can you post your pics so that when you click on them they get bigger? I wanted to look at this one closer, but couldn't. The blog at work lets me do that on mine.

Anyway, that's a great 8-year-old boy quote.

And what, you haven't found a nice Irish rugby player to obsess over yet? Get on that, Laura! :)