Monday, February 11, 2008


Okay for some reason I haven't been super excited about the upcoming trip... but now it is less than a week away and I am GIDDY with excitement!! I just want it to hurry up and get here!!

I'm embarassingly excited about using my passport again and adding a continent to the list!! MUST.BREATHE...


Jen Vogelsong said...

It was 16 degrees here in PA as I drove home this evening. I think I'll go in my bedroom, crank up the heat and see if my shorts still fit (doubt it)

Can't wait to spend some quality time with you Laura, galavanting around a foreign country. It will be just like college again... only better! :)

Laura said...

One of the reasons that I am now so excited is that I tried on my summer clothes ysterday and they fit! HUZZAH!!