Friday, February 1, 2008


Apparently, I have none because I am about to share two things... first I just beat my highest Tetris score... I just scored 43,605 points and 208 lines.

Second, there have been rumors that NKOTB are planning a reunion tour... and I fully plan on being there. But, this just in, my brother-in-law is friends with one of the New Kids brothers (to which I say, Mike, where were you 18 years ago... and then I say HOLY.CRAP, that was 18 years ago!!!)...anyway, my sister reported to me today that she was talking to the brother who said he could help me out and GET.ME.BACKSTAGE. After talking to my sister, I promptly called my friend, Bonnie, who was as excited as I was about the whole thing as she would be at the concert with me.

I was watching some NKOTB vidoes on Youtube and they sure look and sound different, if you know what I mean, to my more mature ears and eyes. But if I was standing in front of Jordan Knight... I would be transformed back into the big haired, braces wearing kid who will one day be Mrs. Jordan Knight... and that my friends is... the right stuff!

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Jen Vogelsong said...

Oh Laura, why do I get the feeling that a trip to Argentina is nothing in comparison to backstage with NKOTB for you?

And, BTW, I don't think they have Tetris in Argentina, so you better work on some withdrawl tactics in the next two weeks. I don't wanna be sitting next to you on the plane watching your fingers twitching for 10 hours! :)