Monday, January 21, 2008

Super Funny

This weekend it was recommended to me that I watch the movie Superbad. So juvenile, so innappropriate... and SO FUNNY!! It was American Pie with more clever writing. Also very quoatable.

Carmen asked if I had made up the paper color names on my last post... but I didn't! The majority of my cardstock is from Stampin' Up and those names are the SU names.

I had a great weekend! Although last night I went over some friend's house to watch the game (BTW, GO PATS woot woot!!!!!) and anyway I thought that chicken fingers and pizza would make a lovely combination... not so much. I wish I had some Prilosec right now.

At work now... it's nice and warm in here. How many days until May??


Carmen said...

I just watched SuperBad too. It was pretty funny, but not as much as I was expecting.

Heidi Ellis said...

I just saw Superbad is on On Demand! We've been looking forward to seeing this.