Thursday, November 29, 2007

Check It Out

For the book lovers out there, chech out Good Reads. A website created for book nerds like myself... filled with books, books, books waiting to be read!!

I went down to DC last weekend... 4 days of all kinds of tomfoolery. I felt 25 again... a good time was had! But now I am home to laundry, bills and work...

No new stamping lately... at the top of my Christmas list is a SU gift card! I hope Santa is good to me! I'm also thinking about ordering 2 stamp sets from My Favorite Things.. I've been tempted for a while! I will probably wait though as my vacation plans are set... until I change my mind again!:)

Jen and I are going to Buenos Aires!! The plan was Italy but given winter in the Northern Hemisphere and the dismal state of our dollar, we're heading south and a little west:) The other choice was Morocco... but I think we're sold on Buenos Aires in February. It's Operation Tango, aka stop stuffing your face with cookies and get yourself to the gym so you don't look like a large, pasty American, until then!!


Heidi Ellis said...

OK first I LOVE GoodReads! Love it!

Second, totally jealous and sad you all have fun without me now. :(

Third, Buenos Aires sounds fantastic. Although I think I'd choose Morocco.

Jen Vogelsong said...

I bought an Argentina guide book, so you better not change your mind!

I also LOVE good reads. You should check out the post I wrote about it on our paper's books blog and you'll see the Book Buzz blog, along with my Explorer's Backpack blog.

I just got permission to come to Boston for the conference I went to in Nov. 06, so I'll be in town Mar 14-17 and maybe the three of us can hang out?

Heidi Ellis said...

I'm marking it on my calendar, Jen! Yay! Good times good times!