Saturday, September 15, 2007


I love this stamp and finally bought it for myself. Last night my work buddy Dave and I had a chat that was very time appropriate for me. Every day we both work with people who have been beaten by their own sadness and difficulty coping with life. We were talking about people and the different levels of strength and resiliency that we all have. I think for alot of people happiness and peace is not a choice, it is a fight between them and their brain chemistry. Life is a constant fight to move on... to choose not to let your own and other people's loss, guilt and grief weigh you down. You can give in or you can keep going.

One person who I know who always kept going was my Uncle Jack. He died today after 87 years, the last few weeks being sick and today being taken off the ventilator. He lived through WWII, the loss of parents, siblings, his wife and his son and he kept going. He had a companion, Eva, for the last 10 years of his life. And she became part of our family. I was struck today with love for my family as three generations were gathered in his hospital room. The Early family has lost precious members over the last 10 years. Today we were telling stories about Nana, Aunt Jean, Aunt Janice, Uncle Bob, Sean and now Uncle Jack... hopefully they are all together now, playing cards, having some cocktails and watching those they have left behind.


Shannan said...

Thanks for the pep talk laura...much needed. So glad you are at peace with your Uncle's passing. He sounds like he made life way more fun!!

Jen Vogelsong said...

I like that stamp and think what you say here is so true. I think most people struggle with this. I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your uncle. :(

Heidi Ellis said...

I echo what Jen wrote. Hugs to you. :(