Friday, March 14, 2008

Word to the Wise

It is not a good idea to return from an international vacation, change jobs and move all within the same 9 day span. But I'm sure you would never do that because YOU'RE. SANE.

I'm using this weekend to get my head organized which I'm sure my co-workers are thankful as I've seen them give me looks tonight that suggest they are considering putting me on the other side of the locked doors.


smurphy said...

you moved?
you changed jobs?
wow...i guess a visit down south is out of the question...

Jen Vogelsong said...

Oh Hurley, we've known for years which side of the locked doors you should be on. :)

Seriously though, that was pretty INSANE planning (or lack thereof) on your part. I wouldn't be able to deal.