Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Two Things

This time of year we are harassed to receive flu shots... I know they could prevent the flu and I know I work in a hospital AND a school and I know it is better for all as you don't spread the love... BUT I don't want one and I'm not getting one! As with most of my beliefs, I have no reasons... I just don't want one... so stop asking! I do feel quite tired today though and have a scratchy throat. It could be my stubborn, pig headedness come to bite me!

I was reading another blog lately... the writer recently ended a relationship and she said that if she called her ex she wouldn't have anything to say. I've been thinking about Danny alot lately... not that I ever stopped, but still... and I could call him up today and still have a million things to say to him. We never lacked for conversation... . Even though it has been almost 5 months, I sometimes forget we have broken up and wish I could call him. But I'm afraid everything is still the same... I still hope for the day when he picks up the phone and says "I've thought about things and I see where you were coming from..." I still hope for that day but I try not to live for it. I'm hoping I'll hope less as time goes on.

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Jen Vogelsong said...

Oh it's so hard...I feel your pain.